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From Middle English on, from Old English on, an on, upon, onto, in, into, from Proto-Germanic ana on, at, from Proto-Indo-European hen. Cognate with North Frisian a on, in, Saterland Frisian an on, at, West Frisian oan on, at, Dutch aan on, at, to, Low German an on, at, German an to, at, on, Swedish å on, at, in, Faroese á on, onto, in, at, Icelandic á on, in, Gothic ana, Ancient Greek aná, up, upon, Albanian në in; and from Old Norse upp á: Danish på, Swedish på, Norwegian på, see upon.
On Schweizer Performance Laufschuhe Bekleidung.
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On Imperial Teen album, 2002. On Elisa album, 2006. On Jean album, 2006. On Boom Boom Satellites album, 2006. On Tau album, 2017. On" song, a 2020 song by BTS. On, a song by Bloc Party from the 2006 album A Weekend in the City.
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3 used as a function word to indicate a time frame during which something takes place a parade on Sunday or an instant, action, or occurrence when something begins or is done on cue on arriving home, I found your letter news on the hour cash on delivery.
On Swiss Performance Running Shoes Clothing.

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